Episode 1 - Good Luck Father Ted

In the first episode of Ecumenical Matters we escort Jack and Dougal to Funland, where the rides are deadly, Mrs Doyle offers her first cup of tea so we can start the 'Ah Go On' count, and Ted ditches the lot of them to hit stardom on Faith of Our Fathers.

We also discuss the majesty that is The Divine Comedy's theme tune, and we are introduced to the marital bliss of John and Mary and Tom's murderous confessions.

It's got a Spider Baby!

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Stray Observations

  • 'Ah Go On' count: 2 
  • Dougal's record collection: Tina Turner - Simply the Best; Deliverance theme tune 
  • Dougal's Reality/Dreams diagram looks like the TED Talks logo
  • Meet Your Maker: Arthur Mathews is the PA voice, calling out about the child caught in the tunnel of goats.

Spreading the Good Word