Episode 3 - The Passion of St Tibulus

Voiceover artist Derm McGuigan joins us to protest The Passion of St Tibulus in our rundown of this classic episode. Careful now!

Bishop Brennan is introduced and details the reasons why the priests are on the island - let us never speak of The Blackrock Incident. Ted and Dougal enjoy a game of Cluedo and some gifts from the mysterious Father Hernandez, Jack puts his bodily functions to practical use with the parish candles, and Mrs Doyle is disgusted by the filth on show down at the local cinema!

Stray Observations

  • Jim Norton played Bishop Brennan
  • Down With This Sort of Thing. Careful Now!
  • RIP Eamon Casey: Bishop of Galway (politico.ie article researched in podcast)
  • Board Games: Cluedo
  • Fillum Club: Flatliners, The Crying Game
  • 'Ah Go On' count: 1
  • Dougal's record collection: Magnificent Seven theme

Spreading the Good Word